3* only guide to Hunts

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Introduction to the Guide:

Hello everybody, Triforc3 here. This guide will outline, for any players who may want to attempt the challenge that is 3-star only accounts, how to reliably go up against Hunts. This will be per-Hunt, listed as they are in game, and I will also rank them from 1 to 5 depending on how important they are and their difficulty, and then I will point out which ones are best to prioritize.

Wyvern Hunt | Imporance: 5 | Difficulty: 2

Wyvern is, without a doubt, the most important Hunt for any account type, as is extremely easy to get into from when you start. For 3* only players, this is still the case - Speed, Crit, and Hit sets are all incredibly useful.

The units recommended for this Hunt, as you get started, are:

These units will be the bread-and-butter of your Wyvern teams. Alexa is essential for making runs faster, Muwi is a no-brainer, then we have Taranor Guard and Ian who are simply there for utility. 

Further down the line, you will end up replacing Angelic Montmorancy with other units such as:

The reason for replacing Angelic Montmorancy is that if you are that unlucky, and your entire team except her get wiped, you don't want her to spend an eternity tanking Wyvern. For this reason, you will eventually replace Angelic Montmorancy with Helen for her Speed buff, or Bask, with his skills off for the higher chance at Decreasing the Wyvern's Attack. Bask also synergizes well with Taranor Guard as a support since his Dual Attacks will only proc from Basic Skills.

Golem Hunt | Importance: 2 | Difficulty: 3

Golem is in a weird place as a Hunt. You might think that the Health and Defence sets would be pretty useful, but they tend to not be worth farming since all of the free Health Sets from the Starter Rewards and the Hunt Challenges are very good for what they provide. Perhaps you may need some niche Protection sets, or Health/Defence Items with specific substats - then it's perfectly fine to farm for them. Attack sets are also abundant from the previously mentioned Rewards and Challenges, so in many cases, it isn't worth farming for them.


The 3* units I can wholly recommend, are:

The above are what I would call the conventional units for Golem teams, but I'm going to take a little detour and be a bit unconventional with this next team. 

They are tuned in this order:


Banshee 13 | Importance: 3 | Difficulty: 4

A bit trickier of a Hunt to complete compared to the others, though it can be cheesed with units like Fluri and Christy. As I did with the Golem section, I will list a normal team, and my own unique team.

The units recommended for this Hunt are:

That's it for the normal team really. A great Tank, an incredible Damage Dealer, an unit that excels in Utility, and a Cleanser/Healer. 

Let's get a bit crazy with my Banshee 13 pre-phase team:

The above team is able to cleanly kill the Banshee before she phases and splits up - the only losing factor is 15%, but hey, not much I can do there.

Azimanak Hunt | Importance: 1 | Difficulty: 5

Azimanak is only really useful until you have maybe one or two great Rage sets, after that - you'll basically forget about it. I have no "general" strategy for Azimanak, but my team, as of now, has a 100% win-rate even in worst-case scenarios.

My team are as follows:

There's not much I can say about this Hunt. I got the team built and geared incase I need to farm it, but after getting one Rage set, I really didn't feel like going back.

Caides Hunt | Importance: 2 | Difficulty: 4

Caides is a bit of a funky one when you first get into it, but once you know what you need, then you'll be clearing it easily.

A traditional Caides team would/could be:

The above are what I would call the safe units/part of the safer team. I, on the other hand, would rather kill it as fast as possible.

For that I use:

The above is my team for Caides, and the runs are typically 60-75 seconds long, best case scenario probably closer to 50 seconds (if I stopped getting 15%'d) and it just works wonders. Just a simple no-brain, all-damage team that doesn't bank on surviving the long term, but sure will wipe out Caides under the perfect circumstances.

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope it can be used by anybody who might want to attempt this challenge as few already have.

Triforc3, out.