Base Stats

  • Attack Attack: 993
  • Health Health: 6002
  • Defense Defense: 611
  • Speed Speed: 120

How to Summon Sea Phantom Politis

Sea Phantom Politis can be summoned through the Covenant Summon or Moonlight Summon.

Sea Phantom Politis's Skills

Graceful Gesture

Graceful Gesture
+ 1 souls

Attacks the enemy with phantoms, dispelling one buff. When the caster is enraged, triggers a Dual Attack from the ally with the highest Attack.

Skill Enhancements

Phantom's Waltz

Phantom's Waltz

Decreases the amount of resources gained by the enemy by 50%. At the start of battle and at the end of the turn, has a 60% chance to grant stealth for 1 turn.

Skill Enhancements

Fanatic Ball

Fanatic Ball
5 Turns
+ 3 souls

Hosts a ball, making all allies enraged for 2 turns. Dispels two buffs from all enemies and decreases Speed for 2 turns before decreasing Combat Readiness by 20%.

Ignores Effect Resistance (-20 Soul)

Skill Enhancements

Sea Phantom Politis's Awakenings

Sea Phantom Politis's Memory Imprint

Imprint Release

Position all
  • SSS Attack +10.8%
  • SS Attack +9%
  • S Attack +7.2%
  • A Attack +5.4%
  • B Attack +3.6%

Imprint Concentration

Imprint Concentration
  • SSS Health +18.0%
  • SS Health +15.0%
  • S Health +12.0%
  • A Health +9.0%
  • B Health +6.0%