Gear Hero Finder

This tool is meant to supplement your decision to keep/roll gear. It's not perfect but it gets the job done. The goal is to help you figure out if a new piece of gear has a potential use for any characters.

The stat priorities are based on RTA data and auto generated. Some heroes may not be listed because there is not sufficient RTA data.

Tier ratings are based on our 2023 RTA tierlist by default. Use the checkbox to sort by the PvE Tierlist.

Stats and gearsets can be selected manually, or you can record your screen to automatically detect the stats and gearsets. The auto detection isn't perfect, but it's pretty good! Just click Capture Application -> Window -> Your Emulator

With the auto detection it sometimes also adds the set bonus as a fourth stat on Heroic gear... if this happens you'll have to exit the gear show window in the emulator and manually remove the stat.

The auto detection takes about 10 seconds to run, so be patient. It's still better than manual input :)