Epic Seven Currency Guide

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by Moriyaism and OHB



  • Mainly acquired from clearing stages, selling gear, and selling Penguins. 
  • The best place to farm gold is Hunts since you’ll get gear as well. 

  • You’ll also get gold from Hall of Trials, Automaton Tower, stream rewards, Heart of Orbis, Abyss purification, and a few other places I can’t remember.

  • Mainly used to craft gear, enhance gear, purchase items from the Vagrant Merchants Huche and Globicus, and purchase items in the Secret Shop (check skystone section below). Unequipping gear and artifacts from units costs a lot of gold unless a Free Unequip Event is happening or a Free Unequip Scroll is used. Promoting heroes/pets, giving exp to heroes/pets, and skill enhancing heroes costs gold a small amount of gold as well.



  • Mainly acquired from Arena Weekly reward, 3 starring stages in Adventure, and Quest rewards in Adventure and Side Story. 

    • You’ll also get skystones from Heart of Orbis, NPC Arena, Hunts, Automaton Tower and probably some other places I forgot.

  • Used to acquire Covenant Bookmarks and Mystic Medals, two types of summoning currency. Also used to purchase the Epic Pass, purchase items from Huche’s Pop-up Shop, purchase the Expedition Premium Pass, expand inventory spaces, and purchase Energy.

    • Covenant bookmarks can be acquired directly in the Normal shop at a rate of 950 skystones for 50 bookmarks (10 summons). 95 skystones per summon.

    • You can also opt to roll Garo’s Secret Shop in the Lobby for 3 skystones per refresh (tap on the red dude). The rates are estimated to be about 71 skystones per 5 Covenant Bookmarks. This also has a chance of providing Mystic Medals at an estimated rate of 271 skystones per 50 Mystic Medals (1 summon). It does cost gold to purchase items from the shop, but you’ll save on skystone costs. Shop level does not affect the Covenant bookmark or Mystic Medal drop rate to a meaningful extent, so you can do this whenever you want.

    • The Epic Pass is a battle pass that occurs every few months. This provides a variety of rewards and the initial 900 skystone pass is always worth purchasing. An additional 900 skystones can be spent to purchase the hero skin as well if you want it.

    • Huche’s Pop Up shop appears whenever SmileGate feels like it. He brings a variety of items that cost skystones to purchase. There’s too many items for me to list, just check the Discord for info whenever it comes around.

    • The Expedition Premium Pass occurs every month. It is worth purchasing if you want a slight boost in gear related materials, but it does not provide any summoning currency. Typically not prioritized unless later in the game.

    • Hero, Gear, Artifact, Waiting, Room, Equipment Storage, and Pet slots can be increased using skystones. These are non-mandatory early on and are quality of life improvements. More hero and gear slots means less interruptions when farming and less micromanaging needed to make sure you have space. You can purchase them when you feel like it but are not a big priority.

    • Skystones can be used to directly purchase energy as well. This should only really be done late game during buff events where you can get 1.5x the gear crafting materials from clearing hunts. Early and mid game you probably want to prioritize getting summoning currency for units to expand your unit pool instead.



  • Mainly acquired from clearing stages in Adventure and Side Story with max level units. Every 45 exp gained from max level units will give 1 stigma. Transmitting 2 star units is another good source, providing 80 stigma each. Clearing stages in other areas of the game (Hunt/Spirit Altar/Labyrinth) and Abyss purification provide a bit of stigma as well.

  • Used to summon penguins and phantasma in the Forest of Souls. Also used to skill enhance base 3★ units.



  • Acquired from Side Story, Web events, Stove events, stream rewards, and Question of the Week. 

  • Used for energy during buff events. Should generally not be used outside of buff events and should never be used for anything but energy.


Covenant Bookmarks (Cov bms)

  • One summon per 5 Covenant bookmarks.

  • Primarily acquired from Secret Shop refreshing or in the Normal shop. Other sources are Quest rewards, Reputations, Side Story, etc.

    • Rerolling Secret Shop nets the most covenant bookmarks per skystone at the cost of gold and time spent. Costs 184,000 gold and on average 71 skystones per 5 covenant bookmarks. Recommended over straight up buying with skystones.

    • You can directly exchange 950 skystones for 50 covenant bookmarks (and 50 stigma) in the Normal shop. There’s also a 100 skystones for 5 covenant bookmarks option, but no reason to use this.

    • “Reliable Support” mission in reputation (SSS imprint units) is a great source of covenant bookmarks during the early/midgame. Friendship related missions are slower but also reward you with covenant bookmarks.

  • Used for standard Covenant Summons and Drop Rate Up Summons. Covenant Summons have no pity, but there is a small chance to get moonlight units and slightly higher 5★ rates. Generally recommended to do Drop Rate Up Summons since you can target specific units and there is pity.


Story Collection

  • Acquired from clearing Side Stories in the Side Story List

  • Used to unlock Story Summon banners (1 banner per 4 collections)


Mystic Medals 

  • One summon per 50 Mystic medals.

  • Mainly acquired from Garo’s Secret Shop and Guild War. Garo’s Secret Shop is where most of your Mystic medals will come from, costing 280,000 gold per 50 Mystic medals and around 271 skystones. You can also purchase 50 Mystic medals weekly from the Guild shop for 200 Commander’s Armbands, but this is not recommended until you have all of the good Guild Artifacts. Don’t take Mystics from the Arena Weekly Reward. 

  • Used for Mystic Summons. This is where new Moonlight units are first released. You have a choice between a 5★ pity of 201 summons or a 4★ pity of 111 summons. This is the only way to pity a Light/Dark hero. Moonlight units rotate every 3 weeks. There are also other units and artifacts in the summoning pool, rotating weekly. 


Galaxy Bookmarks

  • One summon per 5 Galaxy bookmarks.

  • Acquired from the Transmit Stone shop at a rate of 6 Gold Transmit stones per 5 Galaxy bookmarks. Also drops infrequently from bosses in Normal and Hell Difficulty Raid.

  • Used for Moonlight Summons. This banner only drops Light and Dark units. Every 20 summons you will get one free summon that only drops 4-5★ units.  


Friendship Bookmarks

  • One summon per 5 Friendship bookmarks. Summons done in batches of 10 if you have 10 summons available.

  • Acquired from the Friendship Points shop at a rate of 50 Friendship Points for 5 bookmarks and 500 Friendship Points for 50 bookmarks. Not worth purchasing from Garo’s Secret shop or Huche’s Shop.

  • Used for Friendship Summons. This provides 2★ monsters and 1-2★ artifacts. Good source of stigma and a bit of artifact exp.


4-5★ Elemental Bookmarks (Fire, Ice, Earth)

  • One summon per 5 bookmarks.

  • Fire, Ice, and Earth bookmarks can be acquired from World Boss and Ancient Inheritance. You can also purchase them in the Guild Member Shop but this isn’t recommended.

  • Light and Dark bookmarks are currently not available.

  • Used for Element Summon


 3-5★ Elemental Bookmarks

  • One summon per 5 bookmarks

  • Fire, Ice, and Earth bookmarks can be acquired from World Boss, Guild Weekly missions, and Ancient Inheritance.

  • Light and Dark bookmarks can be acquired from Advent Side Story when it comes around.

  • Used for Element Summon


Pet Ticket

  • One summon per ticket.

  • 1 free summon daily.

  • Acquired from World Boss. Can also be purchased using Gold or Skystones. Neither are recommended, but if you really want to you can use gold. 

  • Used to adopt pets.

Shop Currencies

Skin Ticket

  • Acquired from Epic Pass (10 tickets per pass), “A Small Miracle” sidestory in the Book of Memories (40 tickets), or the skin ticket pack.

  • Used to purchase skins for units.


Silver Transmit Stone (STS)

  • Mainly acquired from transmitting 3★+ units and Epic Penguins. 3★ units and Epic Penguins give 1 silver transmit, 4★ units give 10 silver transmits.

    • It’s recommend to not transmit 3-4★ heroes until you’ve acquired an SSS copy of the unit. For 3★ units you should start working towards a second SSS copy to complete the reputation that rewards cov bms for making SSS units.

    • Silver Transmit Stones will also show up in various places as rewards such as Adventure, Side story, or Automaton Tower.

    • One big source of Silver Transmit Stones, though infrequent, is imprinting duplicate Guider Aither and Dark Corvus (always keep at least 1 copy of every unit). This is because their RGB equivalent is a lower rarity so you can imprint the ML unit with their RGB but still get the full value when you transmit. Guider Aither can be imprinted with 6 3★ Ice Aithers and will transmit for 70 Silver Transmit Stones. Duplicate Dark Corvus can be imprinted with 5 4★ Fire Corvuses and will transmit for 180 Silver Transmit Stones. Do not transmit 5 star heroes otherwise.

  • Mainly used to buy Molagora and Equipment Conversion Gem Chest in the Transmit Stone Shop. Ego Fragments (for imprint concentration) should be purchased as needed. Artifact or Accessory charms can be purchased if you have excess currency. The rest is not recommended.


Gold Transmit Stone (GTS)

  • Acquired from using Covenant bookmarks, weekly Reputation, Guild Weekly Missions, Automaton Tower, Expedition, and Guild Member Shop.

    • Each summon done using Covenant bookmarks increases the Gold Transmit Stone counter. Once it hits 20, you get a Gold Transmit Stone.

    • The Gold Transmit Stone from the Guild Member Shop should be bought last. This is after the good guild artifacts are all purchased and you’ve bought the weekly Equipment Gem Conversion Chest and the Mystic Medals.

  • Used to purchase Galaxy bookmarks at a rate of 6 Gold Transmit Stones per 5 Galaxy bookmarks as well as imprints for certain ML 5★s in the Transmit Stone Shop.

    • The 4-5★ Summoning Ticket is not recommended over Galaxy bookmarks.

    • Each episode’s main antagonist has no RGB equivalent and thus cannot be imprinted by normal means. Their imprints can be purchased for 10 Gold Transmit Stones per imprint.


Powder of Knowledge

  • Mainly acquired by selling 3★+ artifacts. 3★ for 1 powder, 4★ for 8 powders.

    • Can also be acquired from Hunts, World Boss, and Ancient Inheritance.

  • Used to purchase artifacts and Bottle of Knowledge. Artifacts rotate every 6 weeks. Bottle of Knowledge is used to limit break any 5★ artifact and can be purchased once every rotation.


Friendship Points

  • Acquired by using supporters in Adventure and Sidestory.

  • Used to purchase daily Energy and Arena Flags as well as Friendship Bookmarks. The penguins are not worth purchasing.


Ancient Coins

  • Acquired by clearing stages in Labyrinth and from Dispatch Missions.

  • Used to purchase Malicious Bug Charms for Azmakalis of Cycle as well as Necklace and Ring charms.


Conquest Points

  • Acquired by doing battles in Arena and from Dispatch Missions. Any unused Glory Crests (right below this) will also provide you with Conquest Points at a 5 Glory Crest to 1 Conquest Point ratio at the start of each Arena season.

  • Used to purchase Weapon, Helmet, Armor, and Boot charms. Also used to purchase the Unknown Slate and Arena gear each season. Arena gear from previous seasons can be purchased as well.


Glory Crest

  • Acquired each weekly reset in Arena depending on your rank. This only occurs during an Arena season, you won’t get any Glory Crests during the preseason. At the start of each season, any unused Glory Crests will be converted to Conquest Points at a 5 Glory Crest to 1 Conquest Point ratio. 

  • Used to purchase the seasonal Arena shop items: Unknown Slate, Arena gear, and Arena season frame. 


Covenant Coin

  • Acquired by summoning a Fire, Ice, or Earth (RGB) 5★ if you have already summoned them at least 6 times.

    • Certain methods of acquiring units don’t count as a summon such as buying from the coin shop, buying from the group custom banner shop, or receiving a unit from a recall selector.

    • You can check the hero in the journal and tap right below their name at the top left to see how many times you’ve summoned them

  • Used to purchase RGB 5★s, gear, Molagora and Epic Equipment Charms (can be used on Sword, Helmet, Armor, Boots). RGB 5★s rotate at the start of each month.


Galaxy Coin

  • Obtained by summoning a Light or Dark (ML) 5★ if you have already summoned them at least once.

    • Certain methods of acquiring units don’t count as a summon such as buying from the coin shop or receiving a unit from a recall selector.

    • You can check the hero in the journal and tap right below their name at the top left to see how many times you’ve summoned them

  • Mainly used to purchase ML 5★s and gear. ML 5★s rotate at the start of each month. Molagora, Reforge Material Selection Box, and Epic Artifact Charms are also available.


Brave Crest

  • Obtained by participating in guild activities: Check-in, Weekly missions, World Boss, Aid, donating Gold.

  • Used to purchase Molagora, Equipment Conversion Gem Chest, Artifact charms, Catalyst Chest. Tera-Phantasma is also available if you really want. Labyrinth Compass is not recommended, but if you desperately need one it’s better to buy it here than to use Leifs.


Proof of Courage

  • Acquired by clearing urgents missions and from World Boss. Can also be obtained from Weekly missions depending on what missions you get.

  • Used to acquire Commander’s Armbands (right below this) by donating to guild. The guild’s stock of this item can be used by Vice Captains to purchase 50 energy daily and the Guild Supply Chest


Commander’s Armband

  • Acquired by participating in guild activities: Guild War, Weekly Mission, donating Proof of Courage, and World Boss. 

    • For Guild War, you get 10 armbands for attacking a tower and an additional 10 per win (30 total if you beat both teams).

    • For World Boss you acquire armbands when the boss dies based on how many times your team was used by other guildmates (up to 9 times, 5 per time your team was used). 

  • Used to purchase Guild Artifacts. If you have the good guild artifacts already, you can also purchase the Equipment Gem Conversion Box and Mystic Medals. The rest is not recommended.

    • Proof of Valor, Symbol of Unity, War Horn, and Bastion of Hope are good. Guide to a Decision is a niche PvP artifact, but it can be ignored until you need it. Victorious Flag can be ignored forever.


Wisdom’s Gaze

  • Acquired from doing Hall of Trials. You also get a decent amount from the Hunt Expert Challenge missions.

  • Used to purchase Exclusive Equipment and some artifacts.


Queen’s Guard Badge

  • Acquired by killing bosses in Normal and Nightmare Mode Azmakalis of Cycle

    • Bosses in Normal Mode drop 2 each

    • Queen in Nightmare Mode drops 5, the other four bosses drop 3

  • Used to purchase the Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Necklace.

Entry Tickets


  • Acquired naturally at a rate of 1 Energy every 4 minutes unless capped. Also from items in the Mailbox, Friendship Points shop daily, Conquest Points shop daily, Leifs, and Skystones.

  • Used to enter stages in Adventure, Side Story, Spirit Altar, Hunt, Automaton Tower, and World Boss.


Arena Flag

  • Acquired naturally at a rate of 1 flag every hour unless capped. Can also be purchased from the Friendship point shop once a day or from the normal shop at a rate of 30 skystones per 5 Arena Flags. Latter is not recommended until late game to push Legend.

  • Used to attack enemy players in Arena.


Labyrinth Compass

  • Acquired naturally, 1 compass is given at daily reset unless capped. Can also be purchased in the Guild shop using Brave Crests, but at the cost of a Lesser Artifact Charm. Do not use Leifs or Skystones to purchase.

  • Used to enter stages in Labyrinth except for Azmakalis of Cycle. Can also be exchanged for a Malicious Bug Charm (3 entries down) in the Labyrinth Shop.


Abyss Guide β

  • Acquired naturally, 3 guides are given at daily reset unless capped. Do not use Leifs to purchase.

  • Used to enter Abyss and Challenge Abyss. If you’re stuck or have completed Abyss, it can be used to Purify the Abyss, giving Gold and Stigma based on how much you have cleared.


Malicious Bug Charm

  • Acquired in the Labyrinth shop for 3 Labyrinth Compasses.

  • Used to enter Normal Mode (1 charm) and Nightmare Mode (2 charms) for Azmakalis of Cycle.


Milestone in Time

  • Acquired from the Normal shop.

  • Used to gain access to side stories in the Book of Memories.

Enhancement Materials

Molagora - Skill enhancement material

  • Acquired through stage clears, reputations, side story events, etc.

    • Transmit Stone Exchange: 15 Silver Transmit Stones for 1 molagora (weekly).

    • Arena Shop: 150 Conquest Points for 1 molagora (weekly).

    • Guild Shop: 250 Brave Crests for 1 molagora (weekly).

  • Used to enhance skills for base 4-5★ star units


Skill Points

  • Acquired from reaching Friendship 10 on a base 4-5★ unit (3 skill points). Can only be used on said unit.

  • Used to skill enhance units. Essentially acts as a free Molagora specifically for that unit.

    • If the unit is already +15, then you will receive 3 molagora instead of 3 skill points.



  • Acquired from the Forest of Souls.

  • Used to provide EXP to your units. 

    • Epic Penguins should always be sold for Silver Transmit Stones.



  • Mainly acquired from Forest of Souls, transmitting Heroes, and imprinting Heroes.

  • Used for unit promotion.

  • Promotion Guide here!



  • Acquired from Spirit Altar. 

    • Do Hell difficulty for Epic and Greater runes, Easy difficulty for regular runes. 

    • Typically people stock up on runes during 2x Rune buff event

  • Used to awaken units. Also used to complete Skill Trees for Specialty Changed (SC) units.

  • Rune Costs

    • 3★ unit: 26 Lesser, 21 Greater, 10 Epic

    • SC Skill Tree: 410 Greater, 40 Epic

    • 4★ unit: 37 Lesser, 18 Greater, 14 Epic

    • 5★ unit: 45 Lesser, 22 Greater, 18 Epic 


Ego Fragment

  • Acquired from the Transmit Stone shop at a rate of 12 Silver Transmit Stones for 1 Ego Fragment twice a week.

  • Used to unlock imprint concentration on units, allowing you to interchange between imprint release and imprint concentration as you see fit.



  • Acquired from Side Story exchange shop. Sometimes given out as bonus rewards in special side stories or login rewards as well.

  • Used to increase a hero’s friendship. 30 friendship points given if the gift element matches the hero’s element, 10 if not matching.