Hero RTA Data is Live!

November 29, 2023

Another week, another big update for the website.

I would consider this feature in alpha stage, but it's here and it's ready for action. Going to need a lot of feedback so it would be great if people would join the discord: https://discord.gg/9BcGVbJ3Qw

Anyway. I've gone through and aggregated a bunch of RTA data for ranks Master, Challenger, Champion, Emperor, and Legend. Users can now choose an RTA rank to view and see estimated stats to aim for on any hero. Here's Abyssal Yufine as an example:


It also shows the top 3 most used gear sets in that rank as well as the top 3 most picked with and most picked against heroes.

The calculations for stat priority are still being refined so if you notice anything that seems very far off, please please please join the discord and let me know.

Thanks for using the website, as always, let me know any feedback or features you want and I'll do my best to get them added ASAP.