Setting Up Your First Wyvern 13 Auto Team

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Welcome to the only Wyvern guide you will ever need. Well, at least until you want to start trying one shots. 

Wyvern is going to be your #1 farmed piece of content for a very, very long time. This is mainly because the Speed set that it drops is viable on pretty much any character. It is recommended to not continue to any other hunt until you have a strong / stable Wyvern 13 that can consistently auto.

Good thing this guide will get you there in no time :)

Wyvern Mechanics

There's not too much to cover here. The main things that you will need to know can be summarized pretty quickly:

  1. Wyvern has 80 Effect Resistance. This means you need 65 Effectiveness to maximize your debuff chancees.
  2. Wyvern has 100 Effectiveness, so if you want to resist the CR (combat readiness) pushback you will need 200 Effect Resistance. If you're reading this guide you probably don't have to worry about this, but it's good to know.
  3. Wyvern will attack a random unit unless it has 2 debuffs on it. If Wyvern has 2 debuffs it will always attack your front tank.
    • Note: the first attack will always hit your front tank.
  4. If Wyvern puts its shield on and you don't break it, it's probably a wipe.

These are the main mechanics you need to be worried about. I'm not going to get into the actual skills because I think it's unnecessary.

Your First Team

So there's two core team that I would recommend. All of the characters are available via Connections an the Wyvern Hunt challenges except Muwi. If you don't have Muwi, I'll list alternatives later.

Crozet Front Tank

Angelic Montmorancy Front Tank

These are the two best teams for doing Wyvern 13. However, since Muwi is not guaranteed, you may have gotten super unlucky and not pulled him yet. If that is the case, here are some alternatives.

That's pretty much it. Wyvern has become much easier than it used to be. Pretty much all of the gear required is given to you by the new player events.

The only final consideration is that if you do not have Muwi to wait to try autoing Wyvern 13 until you pull him. He's a 3 star so you're bound to get him sooner or later.

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