Introduction & Rerolling Guide

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This guide is going to focus on the current optimal methods to progress in E7, if you wanna do stuff your own way then go ahead. It’s a game so do whatever gives you the most enjoyment.

The early portion of this guide will focus on directing you towards clearing Wyvern 13 (W13). Wyvern is the main place where you will farm the vast majority of your gear for your units so it is important to get it done asap in order to gear them. The game provides you with nearly all the units and gear you need to clear W13.

I’m gonna use abbreviations a lot, but I’ll generally say the full name the first time and put the abbreviation in parenthesis next to it. Here are two you should know now:

Player vs Environment (PvE) - any content where you don’t fight teams made by other players.

Player vs Player (PvP) - Arena, Guild War, World Arena

Reroll Guide (Selective Summon)

Rerolling only exists during free 5* ticket events or free 10 summon events these days. The Selective Summon is unlocked after clearing Stage 1-4 and now gives infinite attempts, so you’re guaranteed to get the best 5* available. Each summon will give 1 5* unit or artifact, 2 4* heroes, and 2 4* artifacts. You can record any of the results and compare it with future results, allowing you to keep rolling without fear of losing your best roll (you can only hold one result at a time).

If you happen to be starting during a 5* ticket or free summon event, the most notable 5* is Tamarinne, a Fire Soul Weaver. Due to the rarity of ML 5*s, if you manage to get a ML 5* while rerolling, it’s generally recommended to keep the account. Although some ML 5*s are pretty bad so you might want to ask in the Discord to make sure.

Selective Summon

 *Do not reroll for Sigret. This unit can be acquired for free early on. 

If you really want to minmax your Selective Summon, you can look to pick up either Magaraha’s Tome, Aurius or Tagahel’s Ancient Book, 4* artifacts, alongside your 5*. For 4* units Rose or Achates can be a nice pickup as well. Not mandatory by any means and it will make your reroll take forever.

You can read a more in depth explanation of the choices in the Selective Summon section of this guide.

If you didn’t manage to get the unit you wanted from the ticket or free summons, you can quickly reroll by going into your Settings by tapping the squares at the top right then tapping the gear at the bottom right and tapping the “Reset Server” button.

Reset Server


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