Late Game - Wyvern Speed Clears, Gearing, and Arena

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At this point you’ve cleared through all of the easy PvE content and made decent progression into PvP. You have the choice of focusing on what you want, so do whatever you like the most whether it’s PvE, PvP, or both. 

Wyvern Fast Clear/One Shot

You might wanna consider improving your Wyvern team, whether it’s by setting up a one shot team or by just improving your standard team to clear faster. In my opinion, the lower win rate one shot teams aren’t even worth setting up, since the fast clear teams can reach fast clear times with much better consistency. 

Fast Clear 1

  • Ideally you have enough damage on Muwi so that the mobs all die before Alexa takes her 2nd turn. If you can’t pull this off then Sigret is probably better than Alexa but the run will be slower. 


Fast Clear 2

  •  Alexa SC isn’t mandatory, just gives her a bit more damage and speeds up the run.
  • General Purrgis doesn’t need to be that fast, but he should be faster than Sigret at the very least. Stunning the wave 1 mobs is nice for consistency though, you’ll need at least 184 speed to outspeed them consistently.
  • You want Sigret and Alexa to not take a 2nd turn. If you lack the damage to kill wave 1 before Alexa takes her 2nd turn, she won’t need any Eff.
  • This also works with much worse gear, the run will just be slower. This Alexa doesn’t even have a complete set except Critical Set (which is completely useless due to Furious). Sigret goes first here instead so that Alexa will have S2 up for Wyvern.

One Shot 

Clarissa can replace Seaside Bellona (SSB) but her gear requirements are absurdly high in comparison. For reference, this SSB can one shot wave 1 with an SSS Singe imprint and +21 War Horn. She has a single Crit Set so this could easily be improved on. The Karin/Sigret video explains the speed tuning requirements very well, you should watch that section regardless of your setup unless you’re doing the Straze setup.

  • Win rate is 85%, very slightly lower if you lack the damage needed to kill the Wyvern from just Sigret S3. Need to land either SSB Target, Singe Atk debuff or Flan Unhealable to make Wyvern hit Singe on turn 2 so Flan can S2 SSB for the final hit. Even if you don’t land those debuffs only a 20% chance for Flan to get targeted.
  • War Horn lets you run Flan much slower due to the CR push.

One Shot 2

  • Win rate is 85%, slightly lower if you lack the damage needed to kill the Wyvern from just Sigret S3 with only Def Break. Odds of missing both Karin bleeds is 2.25%.  
  • War Horn lets you run Karin much slower due to the CR push.

One Shot 3

  • This setup requires you to completely one shot Wyvern since you most likely won’t have 2 debuffs after Alexa’s turn. Her SC is mandatory for her to have enough damage. She also should be fast enough to not get cut by Wyvern, otherwise there’s no point in using Ms.Confille.
  • Ms.Confille on Furious increases the clear rate to between 90.7% and 92.65% depending on your arti level. Without it, the clear rate is the usual 85%.

One Shot 4 

  • Win rate varies, increasing the higher you can increase Rem’s damage and if you can put SSB on DDJ. Higher damage on Rem means you’ll be allowed to miss more Def Breaks and still clear. There’s also a few extra RNG chances like Rem proccing S2 on Wyvern to apply Unhealable which procs her Rage Set, giving her extra damage without landing Def Break. There’s also a chance SSB uses S2 on Wyvern’s first attack, giving her a chance to apply Def Break immediately, if Rem procs S2 wave 1 (29.44% chance for her to do so).
  • I tracked my clears from a couple of hunt buffs and went 760/779 for a 97.56% win rate. There’s too many factors for me to bother calculating the theoretical win rate since sometimes I clear even if I miss 6 Def Breaks. Typically I can only miss 4 Def Breaks for a clean kill though.
  • I don’t have the gear for it, but 65 Eff on SSB would be nice to increase Def Break chance for her S2 and to apply Target on her S1. Singe would also ideally have 65 Eff since her gear reqs aren’t that high. The extra debuffs would increase the odds Wyvern has 2 debuffs, making it attack Singe and giving you a better chance of clearing if you miss too many Def Breaks.
  • War Horn gives Camilla an 84% chance to cut Singe if you have Camilla too slow (16% chance for Rem to counter the mob’s first hit which means you won’t have 3 stacks of War Horn). Ideally you just give Camilla the proper speed tuning since her gear reqs are low anyways.
  • Keep in mind that Camilla has a team Spd imprint when tuning your units.

One Shot 5

  • Win rate is around the same as the Camilla version. ARas has 60% Def Break while Camilla has 50%. However, with War Horn he only has a 84% chance to cut Singe in wave 2 and without it he’ll always go after. 
  • ARas needs to be between SSB and Singe. Slower than SSB and he won’t use S2, faster and he’ll outspeed Wyvern due to Spd buff. His AoE S3 helps reduce gear reqs for SSB. War Horn gives him an 84% chance to cut Singe on wave 2 (16% chance for Rem to counter the mob’s first hit which means you won’t have 3 stacks of War Horn)
  • Singe’s max speed doesn’t matter too much here since ARas requires War Horn to cut her, just don’t make her faster than 229 spd.

One Shot 6

  • Win rate varies depending on how many limit breaks you have on Song of Stars (SoS) and your SSB’s Eff. If SSB S1 dual attacks with Straze and makes him cut Ian, your run will fail if SSB doesn’t land Target. Due to this, your SoS should ideally be on SSB and she should have 65 Eff. There’s also a chance that SSB or Ian dual attack with each other, giving you more Target chances. Assuming 65% Eff SSB and +15 SoS, the clear rate is 85.3%. With a +30 SoS, the clear rate is 93.9%. If you have an extra SoS, it will boost your winrate to 97.8% at +15 and 99.1% at +30. These win rates don’t include the dual attack stuff because I’m lazy.
  • SSB needs 184 Spd to consistently outspeed wave 1.

Caides 13 (C13)

Caides is the hardest and most annoying hunt to farm which is why we leave it for last. 

Penetration set makes single target attacks penetrate the enemy’s Def by 15%. This is the main reason this hunt is farmed, since it is the best 2-set for single target DPS/Bruisers that don’t run Imm set. Crit set would be the budget set if you don’t have Pen set, but it provides considerably less damage. Due to the high value of Pen set and the lower value of the other two sets (as well as how much harder this hunt is), Pen set is a common target for Artena Gear Crafting Events and Equipment Conversion.

Torrent set increases damage dealt by 10% and reduces HP by 10%. This set is good on any DPS that doesn’t want any sort of bulk and doesn’t use Pen set. It’ll out damage Crit Set but any unit that only has single target attacks will still want Pen Set. The HP effect reduces the unit’s total HP rather than inflicting damage at the start of combat. This also makes it bad on any sort of bruiser since they value their bulk.

Injury set is used in PvP, decreasing the enemy’s max HP by up to 6% (12% if a single target attack was used) according to damage dealt. As of now, it is only used on Alencia and Belian, but it’s not mandatory on either one. Alencia can use Spd set to get more raw stats for damage or Speed, though she loses the ability to very quickly stack Injury on a single unit. Belian can run Counter set, which is her better set if you’re not using her in slow teams. 

Revenge set increases spd by 12% and for every 1% of hp lost, increases spd by another 0.5%. It is unused due to Spd set not having to deal with the weird hp threshold conditions. Some people use it on tanks, but it’s not really better than Spd set for any of them. If you happen to have a good set lying around you can toss it on a lower priority unit to free up Spd set gear for a better unit. 

I have absolutely no clue how this hunt works. Check the in game statistics for team comps for slow clear. For fast clear / one shot you can check the #caides channel in the Hero Journal Discord.

Dagger Sicar

Dagger Sicar is unlocked at Rank 65. It is a set of challenge missions that give one time rewards. In my opinion the Expedition rewards the most important ones since they give conversion reforge materials and powder. Teams for this are available in the Expedition Guide. Maybe I’ll make a guide for the rest eventually… For now you can just look up teams on YouTube or something.

World Arena (RTA)

World Arena (you’ll only ever hear it called RTA) is where you compete against other players in real time. It’s very different from Arena and GW since you can’t just abuse the enemy AI and your opponent will be able to pick units that counter whatever you pick as well. 

Before anything else, first go to the E7WC tab after you open RTA and claim the free gear.

Even if you aren’t able to go far in RTA, it’s always worth at least doing your placements since you’ll get some Conquest Points for ending in Bronze, Silver, or Gold. You should also try to end in Master for a sweet skin for an ML5, regardless of if you own it or not as they are considered Epic Skins which means they cost a bit more in the skin shop.

Valky, a Legend RTA player, has created a video series going over drafting in RTA. While the meta constantly shifts, the general principles should stay the same. You can learn a lot more about RTA by watching streams as well, since you’ll get to see a wider variety of matches and you can learn more about why certain units are picked.

The biggest tip we can give you is just try! There is no punishment for losing and you can learn a lot! 

Arena - Legend I Climb

Pushing into new arena tiers for the first time gives you a solid amount of skystones, making it pretty worth your time to temporarily get Legend I in Arena. You don’t need to hold the position, you just need to hit it once and you’ll be able to claim the rewards.

To consider pushing for Legend I, it is recommended that you can comfortably AFK in Champion already, as getting the #1 spot is nothing more than a short grind. Also make sure that you are comfortable with the current Arena defense meta and understand how to beat most of them. This means you might need to experiment and learn from mistakes for a week or two before you can start the real grind. Going on a win streak is the fastest way, but you may refresh the list if you don’t think you can beat a particular defense.

There is no special offense that is required. Cleave enjoyers can cleave, and bruiser players can bruiser their way to Legend I. For defense, it is recommended that you have a defense that is either threatening enough so that people don’t attack you during your climb, or one that is gimmicky enough to cheese wins out of unknowing attackers.

You can minimize your chances of being attacked by starting your climb during the middle of the week. The reason is because everyone and their grandmas are trying to go for Legend I right after the weekly reset. Remember, you only need to touch #1 once, you don’t need to hold it.

That’s it! Enjoy your free skystones and make sure to screenshot your #1 to show your friends :P